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Lilly's Valley Resort - First Resort in Kodaikanal Since 1982

Featured Luxury Accommodation

Lilly's Valley is a uniquely beautiful resort set amid terraced gardens on three acres of woody land, ringed by towering eucalyptus trees. Its 26 traditional stone cottages are constructed in the colonial British style, with handcrafted woodwork details throughout. It is the rare resort with an eco-focus and no concrete structures: even the furniture is lovingly made by hand by talented craftsmen. Built in 1982, Lilly's Valley was the first resort in Kodaikanal. Our stone-and-wood cottages, both free-standing and attached, can accommodate couples, small and large family groups, students and corporate groups.

Finest Resort in Kodaikanal

We are located in a quiet suburban neighbourhood exactly 2 km from the centre of town and the lake. With a short taxi ride or 15-minute walk, you'll be in the heart of shopping, boating, horse-riding, roller-skating and other tourist attractions. Our style is low-key and customized to you: you can order simple, tasty Western and South Indian dishes from the kitchen, and hold gatherings in the garden gazebo with your own music and programs. We will even arrange a cosy night bonfire


Experience the Luxury 

Many of our customers are from India and abroad have been imminent here for decades as drawn back by the beauty and peacefulness of our cosy cottages. An Italian infant born in one of our cottages had returned back 25 years later with her husband to stay in the same cottage where she was born !

We have special rates for long-term stay of a week or more. Up to 50% discount. General Discounts are also available for weekdays. 


Beautiful Bungalow & Cottages

Want to breathe deep and relax in a family-friendly and student-friendly setting. Enjoy authentic, historically accurate buildings, Our main bungalow, which was once the private home of a British general which is 120 years old.


Luxury Stays

You will be immersed in beautiful gardens, fruit trees, flowers and can listen to the birds chirp in the morning.

Luxury Cottages

Our rooms are equipped with elegant wooden ceilings and furniture’s, front porch area view, classic restrooms with bathtubs and common fireplaces.


Canadian Suite

Prefer hand-crafted traditional buildings and stone-paved paths rather than concrete-block structures and concrete paths.

King Suite

Enjoy the Kodaikanal Mountain Breeze with home like service

Queen Suite

Like peaceful surroundings with gardens and terraces for you to relax in and your children to play in.


Conference Hall

Play Area

Outdoor Activities